Dr. Robert Naseef

Dr. Naseef's first book Special Children, Challenged Parents: The Struggles and Rewards of Parenting a Child with a Disability has received international recognition and launched him as an autism and special needs expert speaker .  He recently wrote Autism in the Family: Caring and Coping Together. He is the co-editor, along with Dr. Cindy Ariel, of Voices from the Spectrum: Parents, Grandparents, Siblings, People with Autism, and Professionals Share Their Wisdom.​


Dr.Robert Naseef has practiced for over 20 years as a psychologist. He is a graduate of Temple University specializing in families of children with disabilities.  He is the co-founder of Alternative Choices, an independent psychology practice in Old City, Philadelphia. Dr. Naseef has clinical privileges at Penn Behavioral Health, University of Pennsylvania Health System.  He is also on the board of the Philadelphia Society of Clinical Psychologists. 


Dr. Robert Naseef Autism  Special Needs Expert Speaker

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Dr. Naseef is uniquely qualified and excels at helping families with autism spectrum disorder.

As the father of an adult son with autism, Dr. Naseef integrates his personal experiences into his professional expertise on autism and special needs.  He writes and speaks as an autism and special needs expert from an academically informed perspective, as well as his first hand knowledge.  Dr. Naseef has used his resources to counsel parents of children with special needs and to host a variety of group therapy sessions for father's to express themselves and receive support.